Thursday, February 19, 2009

Emergency Preparedness FHE Lessons

I found ready-made Emergency Preparedness Family Home Evening lessons over a 12 week period. They have songs, scriptures, stories, and everything you would need to have this FHE theme and be prepared at the same time. You will need to click on the title of this blog entry and then print out the three pdf files and, if desired, also print out the handouts.

Week 1: Water Storage
Week 2: Earthquake & Fire
Week 3: First Aid & Medicines
Week 4: Emergency Lighting, Heating & Cooking
Week 5: Emergency Shelter & Clothing
Week 6: Hygiene and Sanitation Storage
Week 7: 72-hour kits
Week 8: Vehicle Preparedness
Week 9: 3-month Storage
Week 10: A Year's Supply
Week 11: Emergency Storage of Family Records
Week 12: Financial Preparedness

Friday, February 6, 2009

Values Parenting FHE Lessons

This website has 6 free FHE lessons. For a lifetime membership you can have access to all of the lessons and other resources on their website. At the time of this posting, the lifetime membership was $50.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Gospel Art Picture Kit - Online

This is an online version of all of the pictures that come in the blue plastic box. If you don't have the box or can't find the picture or need a digital version. Here is your resource.